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Luxor Las Vegas

Campaign to re-energize brand after casino renovations were complete

The Brief

Luxor Las Vegas approached us to film a video to attract their perfect target market (who might otherwise not be aware of the brand new Casino Floor renovations) to visit and book rooms at the hotel.

The winning pitch involved a group of friends visiting the hotel, checking in, and then having a blast hitting all of the hotspots: room, shows, restaurants, bars, clubs, etc in a dream-like montage. When the dream sequence ends, the receptionist says, "Mr. Montana? Welcome back." Giving the viewer the notion that the reason these guys are staying at Luxor isn't because they are dreaming of what is to come, but because they were remembering the amazing time they had during their last visit.

The target market we focused on was 21-35 year old Las Vegas visitors who might or might not have visited the hotel in the past, but who would be amazed at seeing the Casino as it exists today versus when it first opened.

The Results

We created a social media, radio and television campaign that revolved around the production of three videos: the commercial (Uploaded to Luxor's Youtube channel and targeted television placement: April 2011), the music video for the song used in the commercial--a song that not only mentioned Luxor by name, but also featured chorus sung by Cisco Adler (Live on Youtube and, as well as FM radio plays of the song itself in LA, San Diego and Las Vegas markets: January 2011), and the making-of featurette (Live on Youtube: March 2011).

Two months after the 30 second version of the commercial premiered on television, Luxor was the number one most searched Las Vegas hotel on KAYAK (despite competing with the newly opened City Center and Cosmopolitan resorts), per Vegas, Inc. Magazine.


2012 Davey Awards Recognition & Awards

2012 Silver Award: 228 - The Comeback Kid - Marketing Effectiveness - Film/Video/TV

2012 Silver Award: 232O - Love Like Magic - Online Film and Video - Music Video

2012 Silver Award: 243V - The Comeback Kid - Film and Video - Copywriting

2012 Silver Award: 244V - The Comeback Kid - Film and Video - Videography/Cinematography


The Videos


The 90 second spot



Lil Uno & Cisco Adler music video



Inglot Cosmetics Presents: Behind the scenes video